Saturday, June 11, 2011

Toddlers playtime

Hi, we welcome you to the introduction page of preschool learning app, "Toddlers Playtime".

"Toddlers Playtime" app is specially targeted to introduce to your child the pre school knowledge of 7 common, yet major learning areas such as Colors, Shapes, Alphabet, Numbers, Fruits, Vegetables and Animals.

Very Colorful and beautiful screens with audios will surely make your child learn and remember useful information.

This app helps teach toddlers and pre-schoolers common concepts in a fun and interactive way. It engages children through - 
✿ Big clear images
✿ Audio of each object
✿ Bright colorful screens
✿ Beautifully laid out frames
✿ Random fun animations and
✿ Vocal feedback

It is designed for children to use themselves, with big colorful icons for little fingers and easy navigation.

The app includes 7 categories with more than 200 objects to provide your child with huge variety.
★ Alphabet with phonices(A-Z Capital and Small)
★ Counting / Numbers (0 - 20)
★ Shapes (2D and 3D)
★ Colors
★ Animals and Sounds
★ Fruits
★ Vegetables

✿ Settings screen added with following control options:
★ Switch on/off random animation
★ Switch on/off random animation sound
★ Switch on/off Shuffle mode when viewing objects in a category
★ Switch on/off option for 3D shapes
★ Switch on/off Auto play of object name when viewing objects in a category. (Switching off this option will stop the auto-play of name of the object. This way your child can test if he/she knows the name of the current object. Tapping on the object will play its name)

This application will surely keep your child occupied in a self learning and constructive activity. We hope it provides lots of fun for your little one. Please send us your feedback and improvement suggestions by clicking the email icon on the main screen!

★★ There's also a game mode where children can pick the right item from 4 pictures.

Screen Shots (iPad)

Screen Shots (iPhone/iPod touch)

Application Main Menu Screen

Game Menu

Game Screen

Application Screen


  1. Very impressive. Please may i have the full version of this applicatuon?

    1. Dear Gracie,

      Thank you very much for liking our application, it really is great encouragement for us.

      Toddlers Playtime is available for iphone/ipad and android users.

      For iphone/ipad users, please search "Playtime for Toddlers Babies and Kids" on app store for full version, or hit this url:

      For Android users, please search "Toddlers,Babies Kids Play Game" or hit this url:

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